Twas the night before Doomsday


Twas the night before Doomsday, and all through the ‘net
Not a blog was secure from the coming upset.
Why, the staff? They had vanished. And the users, they wept,
As their blogs were downloading, to safely be kept. 

The porn blogs were nestled all snug with their tags,
“Safe For Work” labelled: with dicks, tits, and vaj.
The fandoms, protesting the change from on high,
Had signed their petitions – the exodus nigh.

And down in the bottom right of my display
The countdown ticked on, flagging well underway.
I readied my signout, and tabbed to my dash
To browse one last time before it could crash.

Why, the bubble would pop and the users would flee
And those who remained would be fewer indeed.
One by one to be whittled, by flag and by ban
Until all that remain are the bots and the spam.

As I gazed at my feed and the names I knew well,
I shook my head sadly, for – though it was hell,
There was much that was good on this chaotic site.
And we’ll all be the poorer, when it says GOODNIGHT.


I’m done for today…. these are two fanarts for fix-it-fics post Season 8. You know, to make you feel less dead inside… the links are in the comments… I’ll just go back to apathy…